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Lunch Menu
Served from 11:30 am until 3pm
Tuesday thru Friday


Georgia O'Keefe Salad

Spring Greens topped with Toasted sliced Almonds
Dried Cranberries, dressed with Creamy Italian Dressing
  Dusted with Feta cheese,

Michelangelo's Caesar Salad

Your Choice of Grilled Salmon or Chicken Breast on Spring Greens,
Tossed with our Famously Fresh Caesar's Dressing
Topped with Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese & Fresh Croutons
 Served with a slice of Bread

The Gallery on Greens

Walnut & Cranberry Chicken Salad 
placed on Spring Greens
with a Homemade Soup

The Athena
Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, Green Onions,
Seasonal Veggie Crunch and Basil
placed on a bed of Romaine Lettuce
Dressed with Lemon Goddess dressing
Dusted with Feta Cheese


(our dressings are made fresh on the premise)

Judy's Caesar,
Anna's Bleu Cheese,
Sue'sHoney Mustard,
Mary's Creamy Soy Ginger,

Artisan Soup & Salad

 Soup of the Day, Bread & House Salad
Cup of Soup, Salad & Bread
Bowl of Soup & Bread
Cup of Soup & Bread



All Sandwiches Served with your choice of homemade soup
or a house salad.


The Gallery Sandwich
'Everyone's Favorite !'

Walnut & Cranberry Chicken Salad  on a Croissant

The Warhol Wrap

Oven Roasted Turkey, Bacon, Cabbage Blend, Tomatoes and Mixed Cheese,
 Wrapped in a Herbed Tortilla and
Served with a side of Seasonal Salsa

Edvard Munch Tuna Melt

Tuna, Tomatoes, Mixed Cheese,
Sweet Peppers, Cabbage Blend
and a touch of Caesar Dressing
Wrapped in a Herb Tortilla

Norman Rockwell

Homemade Meatloaf Burger with  Mixed Cheese, Spinach,
 Ginger &Apricot Mustard on a toasted Torta Roll


Grilled Chicken Breast, Artichoke Hearts with Mixed Cheese
splashed with a Ginger & Apricot Mustard
on a Sculpted Roll

The Naughty Budda

Grilled Chicken Breast, Rice Mix, Cabbage Blend,
Spinach and Scallions with Sesame Ginger Sauce
Wrapped in a Herb Tortilla


Fresh Grilled Vegetables, Rice Mix, Cabbage Blend,
Mixed Cheese with Roasted Red Pepper Pesto
Wrapped in a Herb Tortilla

Michelangelo Wrap

Grilled Salmon, Parmesan Cheese,
Fresh Croutons, Spinach, Romaine Lettuce
and Caesar Dressing wrapped in a Herb Tortilla

All wraps can be made into a garden fresh salad
with your choice of dressing





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